Chibi Attack! VR

All the chibis in Chibiston were happy until Mega-Chibi, who was the least chibiest of all the chibis, got tired of being so big and traveled far and wide until he found an evil spell to cast on the good little chibis of Chibiston.

Fortunately, our hero Chib-Chibi, who was the chibiest of all the chibis, was not in Chibiston at the time. She was busy chibi’ing away out in her field like the honest hard chibi’ing chibi she was.

Chibi Attack! is a light hearted 3D VR catapult game where Chib-Chibi flings himself at her nemesis Mega-Chibi and his evil minions while screaming things like “Chibo!”, “Chibat!”, and “Chibi pawuh!” in a funny voice.

Download from Dev Post (GearVR)

Chibi Attack was a FINALIST in the Oculus VR Jam 2015 that had over $1 million in prizes with judges John Carmack and Palmer Luckey.