Never Split the Party FAQ

How can I get my key?
To get a key or multiple (Please tell us how many you need/want), you need to join the Discord and DM (Direct Message) (right click and press message, if that doesn’t work try adding them as a friend) a Key Keeper then wait patiently, we will answer you in time.

How can I activate my key?
To active your key, you need to open your steam, click on games, in the top of your screen, between friends and help, and click on ‘Activate a Product on Steam’, then you need to type/paste your key and the game will be downloaded through steam.


How do I start a game with less than 4 people?
This is easily done but bear in mind that the game is made with 4 players in mind so having less than 4 people will make the game more harder unless you like that. To start a game early press 1 on your keyboard.

What are the green gem rocks and how do I use them?
The “Green rocks” are actually charges for usable/spacebar items, you can only pick them up when the item has a empty/near empty charge bar. You might find more info about items in the wiki.

Will the game be free in the future
The game will of course be free in the future since it is listed under free to play games and the free starting class will remain free.

DLC and how to unlock other classes
The Fellowship DLC will unlock most of the character classes. The Fellowship DLC will be priced at $19.99. The DLC can not be purchased yet because the classes are not ready. It will be available for purchase when we release in Early Access on Steam.

What is a roguelike? and why do I lose all my items when i die?
A roguelike is a genre of game that in basic terms means death is permanent and you have to start from the beginning again you lose all your items and money of course and need to try do better next time or pray on the RNG if you want a detailed description of roguelikes please read this